Architectural interests

“Architecture is worth great attention,” Jefferson declared, “As we double our numbers every twenty years, we must double our houses . . . It is then, among the most important arts; and it is desirable to introduce taste into an art which shows so much.”

If we can imagine the world as a canvas then we have the opportunity to 'paint it' with our homes. A blog for those who appreciate home, woodwork, and architecture.

Architecture - a constantly renewable expression of man's innate need to create beauty on earth.

Stimulate and encourage your interior and exterior design urges. Visit the architectural dictionary.


Links to American achitecture

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A collection of my work in the CraftGallery.

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Woodworking tips

Woodworking tips and building tips from 35 years of experience.

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A listing of resources.

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Classical moldings and how to put them together.

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Valley Craft and Design

Valley Craft and Design is a builder of Victorian and other period gable end decorations.

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Gazebos - a vacation in your backyard.

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Exterior trim

You may not live in a vintage home or have an architectural pedigree, but you can give your house history with Architectural Exterior trim.

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An architecturaldictionary of words and terms

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MIT drawings

MIT drawings

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