Is Fine woodworking a part of your home's design?

I’ve been a cabinetmaker, furniture maker, and a carpenter for just over thirty years.
I’ve installed windows in mobile homes and I’ve trimmed multi-million dollar homes with fine architectural moldings, and it has taken me near that amount of time to realize that carpentry and fine woodworking is not only my vocation but also my hobby. 

Every job and its applications have taught me something and I would like to pass those something’s along.

So thank you for coming to the website and I hope you'll find the encouragement and help you need.   click to enlarge Columns designed and built by Gary Kennedy

Do you love fine woodworking?gable end decoration designed and built by Gary Kennedy

Do you have a passion to improve your home?

Do you have an interior to design… or re-design?

Is there an exterior that you want to design or re-design?

Are you a carpenter or woodworker and hope to find tips,techniques,inspiring designs?

Whatever the reason- if it has to do with building, design, décor, the interior or the exterior of a home, carpentry or woodworking….

I’m here to help and encourage you.

Although I may prefer different period styles, I hope we have a similar passion for homes. When I’m driving I’m always looking… Houses, businesses, farms, landscapes, outbuildings … I love it! Porches, doors, windows and entrances always intrigue me, but then so do the roof lines, gates, and gables. I believe architecture and its surrounding landscape is truly art. What we build or display says a lot about us and can inspire and encourage others as they drive by.

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Contribute to Fine Woodworking
Would you like to share your knowledge about fine woodworking? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.